Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Wendell Griffen on Fraudulent Claim That One Can Welcome the Holy Immigrant into One's Heart While Targeting Immigrants

Wendell L. Griffen,  The Fierce Urgency of Prophetic Hope (Valley Forge: Judson Press, 2017):

People who supported, voted for, and now cheer President Trump, while professing to be followers of the One who saves, must be challenged as committing heresy. White Christian nationalists, by supporting politicians and policies that oppress immigrants, demonstrate an irreconcilable contradiction. At best, their claims of allegiance to Jesus are ill-conceived. At worst, their claims of allegiance to Jesus are fraudulent. Any claim that one has welcomed the holy immigrant into one's heart and professed [that] Jesus as the center of one's faith and living — while practicing xenophobia and other unwelcoming behaviors against other immigrants — is beyond unpersuasive. It is moral and ethical nonsense bordering on insanity (pp. 17-18).

Elizabeth and Hazel: The School-Integration Crisis in Little Rock in 1957 and the Presidency of Donald Trump — Not Much Has Changed

Chauncey DeVega recently interviewed Obama pollster Cornell Belcher on what went wrong with the Hillary campaign this year, resulting in the victory of Donald Trump: one of the things Belcher says to DeVega is the following: 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

NY Times Concern Trolls with False-Equivalency Piece about Liberal "Identity Politics" Driving Moderate Republicans to Trump: Twitter Responds

The New York Times today published one of its false-equivalency, concern-trolling pieces (it's linked above by Ian Milhiser) about how liberals, with their "identity politics," are ostensibly driving mythic moderate Republicans into the arms of Donald Trump. Twitter is having none of it. Twitter is eating the concern trolling alive. Here's a string of tweets in response to the Times piece:

Right-Wing Authoritarianism and Trump Supporters: What to Do with Religious Worldview That Thrives on Generating Imagined Enemies?

Brandon Withrow, "Trump & Putin: Our New Biblical Kings":

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Michael Boyle on Catholic Sexual Abuse Crisis: How It Happened, What Can Be Done — "Dysfunctional and Sick Culture Playing Out One Strand of Its Sickness and Dysfunctionality"

I'd like to recommend to you Michael Boyle's four-part series on how the sexual abuse crisis happened in the Catholic church, and what's to be done about it. As Michael says in the first installment in this series at his Sound of Sheer Silence blog, he was motivated to write these postings in response to the release of the Australian Royal Commission's report about clerical sexual abuse, which shows one in five members of some Catholic religious communities including the Marist Brothers and Christian Brothers allegedly involved in child sexual abuse.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Australian Royal Commission on Child Sexual Abuse: "Every Case Represented a Person"

In an article entitled "The Catholic Wrap-Up at the Australian Government's Abuse Inquiry," Frank Brennan reports,

Articles About Human Rights and Assaults on Minority Groups in Era of Trump: "ICE Has Been Targeting Those Weakest, According to Reports"

Articles about matters of human rights and assaults on minority groups in the era of Trump that I've read this week and want to pass on to you: